Slowing down

It blows my mind that we have been here for almost two weeks already.

Because we spend most of the day in class at ACT, sharing updates in a group meeting, or working on our stories in the makeshift newsroom, it’s easy to forget about our surroundings as we spend most of the time as part of this group. In order for me to step out of the American bubble we created here and remind myself that I am in Greece, I like to go off for some of the day to explore these Greek streets on my own.

After filming on the port with Elle and Alexa, I stayed on the boardwalk to get some more practice in with the c100. I decided that my shots would probably look better if I waited an hour or so as the sun was close to setting.

I cut back into town where the sun wasn’t so harsh and decided that I would just film random scenes in slow motion. With the mentality of shooting in slow motion, I just began to look for short, fleeting moments. I followed a 7 year old on roller blades holding hands with his mom, until it started getting creepy.

I immediately started to feel more present as I was looking for the details in movement. As I was shooting, I was also simultaneously looking for a tasty place to eat. I did a slow pan past a grocery store, barbershop, and eventually a falafel shop.

After walking past the falafel shop, I hear “Hey wait! Come back, take a picture of me.” Usually, whenever I get these requests, I smile and proceed to continue onward, but this falafel shopkeeper had such an exuberant energy that I went back.

Kostas was a chatty worker, discussing everything from Trumpism to customers he believed were fascists because they demanded instant falafels and could not wait 5 minutes for a fresh batch.

I met the shop owner, a man from Lebanon, as well as another girl around my age who eagerly watched the falafel operation as part of day 1 job training. I cheered her on as she made her first beautiful falafel.

The shop owner and Kostas spoke to me about the poetry of falafels (they were half joking). I got a free falafel, made two friends, and time seemed to move a little slower.



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