Fog and ferns.

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I was looking forward to this hike all week. Seeing the outside world was glorious after being cooped up on the fifth floor with Olivia working on transcriptions and edits. Today we walked along the streams and through the woods of Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece. Although we didn’t reach a summit or any peak, the destination didn’t matter. The walk through the fog and ferns, under the canopy of pine trees as the rain showered the forrest was exactly what I needed.

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For about 4 hours, we walked side by side, discussing what Harry Potter character each person on the trip would be. (I was told I am Luna Lovegood or Dobby by Isaac who is a self-declared Harry). I listened to smartypants Ellie describe sedimentary rock with such enthusiasm, if only she was my earth science teacher in 7th grade (Sorry Mr. Jones). But the sedimentary rock was exceptional. According to Wikipedia, Mount Olympus is formed of sedimentary rock laid down 200 million years ago in shallow sea. Damn. 

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I loved seeing everyone out of the city, no stories to work on, no interviews to transcribe, just a refreshing experience shared together. I cherish these experiences in nature and am looking forward to more peaks as we head out to Meteora. 

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As we reached a beautiful look-out, Carlene says, “Aren’t we lucky you guys?” (Someone screams back “I love you guys!”)

Yes, we really are lucky.



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